Business Capstone

Topics: Health insurance, Health care, Insurance Pages: 15 (4698 words) Published: March 4, 2013
A.Executive Summary4
A1. Business Identification:4
A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives:4
A3. Keys to Success:4
B.Company Summary6
B1. Industry History:6
B2. Legal Form of Ownership:7
B3. Location and Facilities:7
B4: Management Structure:8
B5. Products and Service:9
C.Market Analysis11
C1: Target Market11
C2: Industry Analysis11
C3: Competitive Analysis12
D.Market Strategy12
D1: 4Ps.12
D2: Price List-14
D3: Selling Strategy-15
D4: Sales Forecast-17
E.Implementation Strategy17
E1. Overall Strategy-17
E2. Implementation-18
E3. Control Plan-18
F.Financial Statements and Projections19
F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate-19
F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement19
F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-19
G1. Financial Projections20
G1a- Breakeven Point-20
G1b-Financial Position:21
G1c-Capital/Investment Needs:21

A.Executive Summary
A1. Business Identification:
The business name is TLK Employee Benefits and will be located in the Financial Buildings at Fig Garden Village. The physical address is 5260 N. Palm, Suite 318, Fresno, CA 93704. TLK Employee Benefits will be an employee benefit consulting firm and will provide employee benefit consulting and marketing services to employers.

A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives:
The business’ plan is to show that we are an expert in the area of employee benefits. Our customer service and knowledge base will be the best in the industry, allowing us to become trusted advisors to our clients. We will become strategic partners with our clients as we help them meet their financial goals all while remaining in compliance and staying competitive in their market place. Our goals for the first year are to obtain 5 clients, generating at least $150,000 in revenue and be able to hire one more employee.

A3. Keys to Success:
Industry Knowledge
With the continuing rollout of Health Care Reform and the multitudes of laws, regulations and requirements encompassed within it, TLK Employee Benefits will have the knowledge and resources available to assist clients through these processes. TLK Employee Benefits will also be able to assist with helping the client remain competitive in the arena of employee benefits as we will see what other employers are doing in that industry and can use benchmarking reports to let our clients know where they stand.

Cost Management
The cost of health care continues to rise at an average of 10% - 12% per year. As an employee benefits consulting company, TLK Employee Benefits will be able to look at the financial goals of the client, and match it up to the best employee benefits package available. We will be able to bring different ideas and strategies to the table, from higher deductibles coupled with a Health Reimbursement Account to adding Accident or Critical Illness insurance to employee contributions. The right combination of benefits can allow the client to still meet their financial goals while not taking too much away from the employees in terms of benefits.

Being Proactive
In the world of health insurance, it is imperative to get out ahead of a renewal early. No one wants to be stuck with a horrendous increase to premiums because they didn’t have time to market the product. By reaching out to carriers at least 4 months in advance, we can get a preliminary renewal, develop strategies, negotiate and market as necessary. This allows our clients plenty of time to implement new products, communicate with their employees and get everyone enrolled in benefits.

B.Company Summary
B1. Industry History:
Employee benefits have changed dramatically since medical plans were first introduced as an employee benefit. In the 1930’s, Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical plans were set up as a prepaid benefit plan, which provided a set maximum for hospitalization or medical services. Blue Cross was the hospital insurance entity, while Blue Shield was...
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