Topics: Marketing, Sales, Selling Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: May 2, 2013
QUIZ 10 – Introduction to Business, Spring 2013
(Chapter 13: Promotion & Pricing Strategies)

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1. Dunkin' Donuts uses __________ advertising when it tells people that "hard-working" people prefer their coffee over the high-priced Starbucks.A)corporateB)comparativeC)informativeD)reminder-oriented 2. In the movie, The Social Network, the actor portraying Mark Zuckerberg is featured wearing products by Gap and the North Face. This form of promotion is known as ________.A)trade promotionB)institutional advertisingC)creative sellingD)product placement 3. Which of the following manufacturers and products would likely spend more on personal selling than on nonpersonal selling?A)Johnson & Johnson, Band-AidsB)General Mills, CheeriosC)Boeing, 737 jetlinersD)Toshiba, DVD players 4. Trade promotion is ________.A)used to promote goods or services to marketing intermediariesB)often used to promote goods or services to ultimate consumersC)primarily used to build goodwillD)located at the manufacturers' facilities 5. Elgin Community College purchases golf balls engraved with the words "Elgin Community College," which are distributed at various college fairs in which it participates. These engraved golf balls are considered ________.A)samplesB)point-of-purchase advertisingC)specialty advertisingD)premiums 6. The salesperson's task of identifying potential customers is known as ________.A)follow-upB)approachC)demonstrationD)prospecting 7. A pushing promotional strategy is ________.A)designed to promote one item at a time and place it near the location of the actual purchase decisionB)designed to encourage consumers to ask for the product if the retailer does not carry itC)primarily used when goods or services are marketed to the ultimate consumerD)designed to market the product, product line, or service to wholesalers and retailers 8. Walmart's...
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