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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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NYIT BUSI 610 Reflection Paper

DUE DATE - 21/12/2012
SUBMITTING DATE – 21/12/2012
SUBMITTED TO Dr. Petra Dilling
Delivered by:Xiao Pan

This class presents a preview of organizational theory and the dynamics of the participation of management and employees in contemporary society. For example, this seminar taught us about decision making, communication, and organizational change etc. This seminar taught us how to be professional in our career life and how to be a leader in the group.

The first class named Introduction Presentation& Communication. Dr. Petra Dilling showed us power point presentation guidelines about the power point size, background color and some graphic charts etc. This is the first time I learn about how to make a power point slide in abroad.

The second class is Career Assessment& Development. The teacher is Jasjit Rai. She is a professional teacher on this area. She used to help me to make my resume and make it professional. Furthermore, we did a interest exam before the class, and we learned information about improve personal skills and to audit, and make plan and develop our approach to management. This exam is very interesting for us because it match our career, leisure and personal profile together. We used to discuss the result to classmates. Some students believe it is positive because the results are suit for their dream. However, some students claim that the result is negative, because the test results are going to the opposite way with their dreams. In my opinion, I think the result can be a suggestion, we need think about it independently.

The third class is Constructive Criticism& Public Speaking. The teacher is Dr. Izelde V Jaarsveld. This is the weakness way for me. I am always feel very nervous during I am doing the public speaking or talking with some stranger. The Dr. Jaarveld taught us how to relax stress. She told us we can clench fists when feel nervous during we talk with other people. We all...
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