Burt's Bee Marketing

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  • Published : July 11, 2010
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Burt’s Bees
Burt’s Bee is an American company that described itself as earth friendly, natural personal care. They produce over 150 products for personal care, health, beauty and personal hygiene, which are 100% natural. Q1 : Define the brand equity of Burt’s Bees. How would you assess the overall brand position for the company? It has a single product line in order to built the kind of culture it has. Actually Burt’s Bee’s framework is same as others. But the things that make it different is Burt’s bee choosing to care about certain thing – using natural ingredient, minimize its carbon footprint, and not testing on animal. Moreover it chooses to care about the well being of its people, both those who work for the company and customer. Like many other company, Burt’s Bees has value, vision and mission statement. It creates an image and a marketing strategy to build its brand equity through it business model called the Greater good – The highest ethical choice to maximize overall well-being, which means doing best for human and environment. The Greater good main point is to make its product to be 100% natural product never using any ingredient or process that has any potential suspected human health risks. Next is environment sensitivity, all packaging should hold to the highest standard possible, designed to be recyclable and have the lowest impact on the environment. Moreover, they believe in preserving the rights of both humans and animals by never test our ingredients or products on animals. Above all, giving back and taking care employee, customer, and community.

Q2 : Keeping in mind the company’s brand identity, develop a marketing strategy for the rollout of a new line of men’s shampoo and conditioner products. Product
Nature of men doesn’t like the complicated things so make it simple by mixing shampoo and conditioner together. Then, reformulate the product because men and women are totally different so we need to find the ingredient...
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