Bullying Prevention

Topics: Bullying, School bullying, Social psychology Pages: 7 (2442 words) Published: September 8, 2012
Problem of bullying in schools
Problem-solution essay
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Nurman Assima (ID: 20110635)
November 25, 2011

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: Due to the fact that problem of bullying negatively affects students' learning ability, their health and the entire school climate society should take definite and urgent measures to solve it. II. Background

* School bullying is a kind of aggressive and angry behaviour. * Engaging in bullying seems the best or only option for some students. * Students are bullied because of their vulnerability and difference from peers. * Bullying adversely affects the health and development of bullying participants. III. Body

A. Solution 1
Topic sentence: One of the effective methods to prevent bullying in schools is to develop the “whole-school” approach. Advantages:
a) This approach includes both preventive and intrusive methods. b) Interventions are implemented at the school, class, and individual level. c) "Whole-school" approach can reduce the level of other antisocial behavior. Disadvantages:

a) Teachers might be not prepared and, therefore, not motivated to take part. B. Solution 2
Topic sentence: Another way to deal with bulling behavior is to implement a standalone, anti-bullying program which will focus on increasing supervision, identifying perpetrators and providing increasingly severe punitive measures.

a) It guarantees that bullies will be immediately punished by school administration at the first violation. b) This program was shown to increase the number of students who reported being bullied. Disadvantages:

a) It works without deep, comprehensive analysis of specific problem of bullying and involvement of teachers, parents and students. b) Labeling and attempting to punish bullies can increase incidents of bullying c) Harsh punishment of perpetrators can only increase cases of aggression. C. Solution 3

Topic sentence: The third solution to reduce the number of accidents of bullying is encouraging victims to “stand up” to bullies. Advantages:
a) This strategy builds character of victims, makes them psychologically and physically stronger. Disadvantages:
a) It can be too risky and dangerous for the victims of bullying. IV. Conclusion
Summarization: The most effective way of eliminating bullying among all the other described is to develop «whole school approach" which based on collective work of teachers, parents, students and other stuff. Recommendation: This approach is recommended to develop in each school to prevent bullying.

The main destination of any school usually is to give students an opportunity to focus on their academic performance, social and emotional development at the same time feeling safe and enjoying coming to school. But within recent years a safe haven for learning has turned into a warzone between bullies and other students who are scared to go to school for fear of being victimized by bullying. Nowadays public awareness of bullying in schools has begun to grow, but not because bullying itself is on the rise, rather it is that society is at last beginning to recognize just how detrimental and prevalent bullying really is. "International research about extent of bullying found that between eight and thirty eight percent of students are bullied with some regularity, and that between five and nine percent of students bully others with some regularity. Chronic victims of bullying bullied once a week or more, generally constitute between 8 and 20 percent of the student population " (Sampson, 2009, p.4). Some people mistakenly think that bullying is quite a normal part of growing up of children. However bullying is a serious issue which has numerous adverse consequences. Constant...
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