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Topics: Education, High school, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: September 30, 2011
When trying to design an ideal high school, I feel that two important aspects should focus on; preventing violence and bullying and enhancing academic achievement through positive enforcement towards learning. These two specific issues seem to foster each other and by addressing them individually, it becomes apparent that one benefit’s the other. The school would first implement a “anti-bullying” policy. According to Lajoie, McLellan, and Seddon (1997) “Bullying is one of the most underrated and enduring problems in school today” (pg.15). Dan Olweus’s (1992) defines bullying, as “a person being bullied or victimized when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more persons.” The school’s “anti-bullying” policy would consist of three core sections. The first part of the policy would address, a “No Tolerance” system. Bullying would be treated, as a whole. It would address; verbal, physical and relational bullying equally. If a student was involved with any form of bullying, by definition, a warning would be issued during a meeting with the student, the parents, guidance counseling team and school administrator. The student and parent would be offered optional counseling to determine the basis for the student’s actions. If the parent and student declined to participate, the student’s next offense would resolute in the student being removed from the school. The second part of the policy would require teachers to take a course in how to recognize and handle bullying within the school. Parent’s would also, be given the option at the beginning of the school year to attend a similar seminar that would address bullying and it’s victims. It would include information that would help them recognize if their child was becoming a victim and address behaviors that may indicate that their child may be participating in “bullying” behavior. The third part of the “anti-bullying” policy would address the students’....
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