Bullying Puts Teens

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Aubree Correll
The Negative Effects of Bullying
Specific Purpose: To persuade people that bullying has a negative effect on children. Thesis/Central Idea: To truly understand the effects of bullying it is important to learn about physical bullying, psychological bullying, and cyber bullying. Organizational Pattern: Statement of Fact: Topical

I) Introduction
A) Attention Getter: Have you or a loved one ever been bullied and had no one to come to the rescue? Or have you witnessed someone being bullied and done nothing? There were probably several other witnesses as well. According to Lauren Slater, author of Opening Skinner’s Box, facts show that if there is more than one witness the chances of the incident being reported go down, opposed to if you are alone you almost always will report it. B) Relevance: Bullying has been around as long as schools themselves. Everyone should be aware of the negative effects bullying has on people. C) Credibility: Being a victim and witness to different types of bullying made me interested in the effect that they have on people. Through my research I found my answers. D) Thesis: To truly understand how negative the effects of bullying can be, it is important to learn about physical bullying, psychological bullying, and cyber bullying. E) Preview: Therefore, we will kick off with physical bullying, then head over to psychological bullying, and finally travel to cyber bullying. Transition: First lets begin with the negative effects physical bullying can have on a person. I Body

A) Physical bullying can include hitting, pushing, tripping, slapping, spitting, stealing or destroying possessions, and even sexual harassment and sexual assault. 1) Some side effects of physical bullying are bruises, cuts, damaged clothing, skipping classes, overeating or loss of appetite, panic attacks, chest pains, acting depressed, and even talking about suicide or violence...
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