Bullying Essay

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Bullying in Schools

We all have been bullied or been a bullying in our life time, maybe not us. But our children have been bullied or is a bully without us even known. This is why I chose to write about bullying in school. We often hear on the news and internet how young people are shooting up schools, killing themselves cause of bullying. ‘‘60% of bullies have a criminal record” (Ryan Keller) by the adult age. However this essay will give you information and tools on how you and your child can solve bully problems in school s, also in the community’s even at work places.

Most kids get teased by their sisters or brothers at some point in life and that’s what siblings usually do it’s not harmful teasing, but friendly and playful matter. But when it comes down to bullying were your teasing becomes hurtful, constant and really cross the line into bullying is a very intentional physical ,verbal Often time the child who is doing the bullying is a victim of bullying themselves, by someone at home. And they are looking for someone who appears to be weaker than them, so they can stand up to their bully. The second tool is we have to see why that child is a bully and help them to face their bully, they maybe stop begin a bully as well. The third tool is if you child see someone who is getting bullied, tell them don’t just walk by it go and get some help for them. Make a stand yell stop and help until someone comes and help.
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