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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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October 22,2012
Block 1

Sweetwater Union High School district needs to purpose a new code of conduct. The school board need to know that bulling is still at Eastlake High School. They are ways to stop This unfair bulling. It can be stop by strong consequence. To let the student body know that the school board is serious about this issue.

Bulling is when a person tries to hurt somebody else physically and or emotionally. At Eastlake there is emotional bulling tords the freshmen! We fresh are often called “freshies” “fresh meat” and “new bees”. Student and teachers use these terms tards the freashmen.

Bulling is not only at Eastlake High School its every all over the world and it’s a problem. “Little bullies began tormenting others early!” bulling is not just every were but it can happened to anyone! As young as 4 years old! This was case of Allie, Allie loved recess until one day her besties became her tormenters. Allie was pressured to join a whisper campaign, but she didn’t so that’s where the bulling stared. As I stated before bulling I a worldwide problem, and it can happen to anyone!

New consequences have to be establish to make Eastlake a safe environment to learn and socialize. Some of the consequences can be public humiliation; for an example at an assembly the victim can shave the bullies head and eyebrows, or the victim can put donkey ears on the bully and the bullies have to wear it for the rest of the year!

Bulling is a serious mater! Bulling can start with a rumor and end more serious than that.
Bullying can be stop with everybody’s help and corporation.
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