Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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Building an Ethical Organization Part One
The new human service organization, Women’s Retreat for Health and Safety (WRHS), is a safe place for women to come and grow into a more positive person. The program is available to any woman who is a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. and or drug abuse problems. The women’s retreat is a nonprofit organization that offers services through education classes, counseling, treatment, and self-defense classes. The organization strives to challenge society to gain beliefs that do not condone domestic violence of any kind. We also want women to know that there is a place that they can come to for help to get back on their feet. We have a few different programs that are intended to help with different problems. Women who suffer from domestic violence and substance abuse share or demonstrate these similar signs according to "Best Practices: Addressing Domestic Violence, " Isolation, shame, and guilt, behaviors that others describe as bizarre or dysfunctional, traumatization, Initial denial of the problem. Loss of support systems and fear of losing children as a result of admitting their problem, low ego strengths, magical thinking (a client's belief that the problem will simply go away as if by magic), impairment of their ability to make logical decisions. Involvement in the criminal justice system, either as a victim or offender, often seeking services only when in crisis. Several returns to the substance, or to a relationship where battering continues, before making a lasting change.” The organization provides counseling services to help domestic violence victims regain self-esteem and recover from the trauma. Self-defense classes will equip victims with a tool to protect themselves. Group discussion groups will enable victims to speak about the incidents that put them here with other victims who have experienced the same type of ordeal. Public education awareness programs arm the community with...
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