Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

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Building an Ethical Organization part 1

When you have a big heart and the need to help people who have an addiction problem and metal health issues at any age, you want to do it correctly and have programs in place to improve their quality of life. When you start an organization you need to have a plan. The company needs to have in place what the services will be; so that the clients will know what the organization is all about and if they can help them with their needs. You want the people to know that you are here and the right information and services can help the community. Having the right advertisement will help get the information out to other organization that can refer clients to use. A new beginning has started; I have just been appointed the director over the FABHC, which stands for Family and Behavior Health Center. The organization services are to help families and individuals to find help, understand what the mental illness behaviors are, and recovery from addiction. This organization is non-profit and will serve people with private insurance and state issued medical assistance. To receive the help that organization has to offer in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. All you have to do is to call your private insurance company, if you are receiving Medical assistance from the state they will have information for you to be referred to the office. You can get approved and make an appointment to be seen by a specialist or if you need transportation or an emergency visit.

After you have come in you will be assigned to a social worker that will help you in planning with your doctor a treatment plan that will work for you. The social worker is here to answer any questions that you may have about the program care you receive. This is where if you need to talk to someone about helping with your treatment like housing and other assistance that we can find for you. Also if you need help with finding assistance for your care and...
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