Domestic Violence Is Mainly Caused by Poverty

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  • Published: May 3, 2011
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Name: Lee Jing Jing

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Essay Question:-

Domestic violence is mainly caused by poverty. Do you agree or disagree?

Domestic violence is widely interpreted as a form of disparaging actions carried out by either one or both parties in a relationship such as marriage, siblings, friends or any people who essentially live together. Some forms of domestic violence include domestic abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV). They who tend to be hostile by being physically aggressive, sexually or mentally abusive, intimidating or neglecting, etc. towards the other party are the one carrying out domestic violence (Wikipedia). Although this matter may not have enacted a crime but this matter is on its increase and has given nuisance to many that are involved. Domestic violence is found all throughout the world no matter what the country, race or class. I disagree with the fact that domestic violence is mainly caused by poverty because there have been cases of domestic violence found in the upper class as well. Although domestic violence does occur in poor households; other reasons that domestic violence occurs include drug and alcohol abuse, a household filled with self-esteem issues and the absence of God.

Alcohol and drug abuse is another reason why domestic violence exists in our world (All About Life Challenges n.d.). The most prominent form of domestic violence is male-to-female violence. This can be either husband to wife, husband to children or husband to other members of the family living under the same roof. Alcohol and drug abuse definitely adds another dimension to this violence. Heavy alcohol use makes users rowdy and willing to wreak havoc even without a valid reason. Alcohol has always been a root cause of many problems mainly because of the fact that it leads to out-of-control behaviour. A person is very different from himself when he is under the heavy influence of alcohol. Fathers who drink liquor every night are much more prone to domestic violence than a father who is not an alcoholic. Drugs such as crack, cocaine and methamphetamine make users aggressive and also cause dependence. People high on crack think that they can do anything and heavy users start experiencing paranoia (Drug Intelligence Centre n.d.). This paranoia causes the user to make a problem out of nothing and the aggressiveness of the drug initiates the violence. Drugs and alcohol do contribute heavily to domestic violence but another very big reason is self-esteem issues.

A lot of domestic violence issues always have something to do with self-esteem issues. A child growing up in an environment where he is regularly beaten and put down will have psychological problems when he/she grows up. The hidden burning anger of that child will stay inside him until he grows up. When that child, who is now a man, has a family of his own it is very likely that he will take out all his childhood frustrations on his family. This might be caused by stress or even the willingness to show power and control (All About Life Challenges n.d.). Sometimes a family will experience domestic violence because the violator feels the need to show that he is the boss of the house. The father who has been battling self-esteem issues all his life regularly violates his family to convince himself that he is the boss of the house. This might be because that person has never been in a position of power all his life and has been regularly put down by society. This person will most likely have difficulty coping with stress, be unwilling to take responsibility of his own actions and experience extreme jealousy and possessiveness among other alcohol/tobacco/drug problems (Domestic Violence).

People who believe in God tend to stay away from evil thoughts and doings. Domestic violence is mostly taking place in homes that are without God’s guidance. Most religions around the globe are against any type of violence. The Bible,...
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