Final Program Summary Hsm 270

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 5 (1692 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Final Project Program Summary
Jeerna Meador
HSM/270 Program Planning and Grant Proposal Writing in Hum Serv (Axia) Instructor: Richard Perrone
Week Nine

The overall purpose of this paper is to compare program planning in a human service organization by describing how they are related.   There will be examples of how program planning and evaluation interrelate with the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency. We will also look at the technical and political aspects of program planning and evaluation that might encounter in the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency scenario, and how these aspects are affect to planning and evaluation process. PEACE’s mission is to reduce victim trauma, empower survivors, and promote recovery through direct services. PEACE is committed to reducing the incidence of sexual assault and domestic violence through education and strives to challenge societal norms and beliefs that condone and perpetuate violence in the community. ABSTRACT

The city of Portland is similar to many other communities throughout the country. As a large metropolitan city, the region has experienced increasing reports of domestic and youth violence, child and spousal abuse, assault, and strangely incidents of road rage over the last seven years. Portland has the five largest population of domestic violence in the United States, with the rise in the economy many people are out of work making them stress and violent, many of the youth has experience drastic cases of abuse. There is a growing concern with the use of gang violence and substance abuse among our youth. It has come to the attention of our teachers, parents, local law enforcement as well as our community. Human Service to this population of individuals are limited, consistent with the funding that is require the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is proposing a six year plan providing substance abuse prevention, counseling, domestic violence and sexual assault through education and strives to challenge society normal that this is not a problem, with the beliefs that those who perpetuate violence in this community. Although many are from low income and abusive families without fathers or mother to guide them the cycle may continue for many of them. The project will focus on major areas like counseling, education, employment assistance, child care and early parenthood. Counseling individuals who are victims and the abusers on how to stop the violence, with groups’ sessions and people who have recover from the crime. Education for individuals, with this disease, and for those who want not to continue being the victims.

Needs and Assessment
In the United States one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. It is estimated that one point four million women are victims of physical abuse by intimate partner or spouse, each year. There are three point three million to ten million children are witness of the crime annually, this is a growing problem in the United States. Many of those affect are from low income families, unemployed, mentally illness and low self esteem. The impact of domestic violence on women has grown in recent years; recognition of the needs of children who witness such violence has lagged behind. Many of our children are responding to this domestic violence when they become adults. Children may reveal any range of problems and psychopathology, or many emerge from their experiences unscathed, but without the proper counseling and education for these women and children it can be a bomb waiting to exposed then The first challenge to providing services, when children are witness of problem like this one it can have a lasting effect on them. We must as professional assess the need of each individual, there may be some mental issues and we will need mental intervention. When assessing the problem we must find which services are appropriate. When children are involved, the program will help to have a therapeutic...
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