Btm7101 Activity 4

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Activity 4

For this activity we were required to perform a library search for resources relating to our

field of professional expertise or research interest. My field of research interest is marketing,

hence I researched Marketing Mix.

Logging into the library at Northcentral University (NCU), I typed Marketing Mix into

the Roadrunner program using the search limiters: Full Text and Scholarly/Peer Reviewed

Journals. Surprisingly, the Roadrunner program took me to the EBSCO host site. Numerous

articles appeared, at which time I had to limit my search by date. The dates I used were January

2000 through December 2007, which reduced the number of articles immensely. The article

listed below was the only one I chose from this search for my paper.

Constantinides, E. (2006). The marketing mix revisited: towards the 21st century marketing.

Journal of Marketing Management. 22, 407-438. Retrieved from

Knowing the need for the successful use of the various research databases NCU has

available to the student, I decided to use each. I used EBSCO host directly for my next search

and used the limiters of dates: January 2008 through January 2013, key words Marketing

Mix and Marketing and Full Text and Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals. Once again, many

articles were shown and I read several with this one being most closely related to my search:

Chikweche, T., & Fletcher, R. (2012). Revisiting the marketing mix at the bottom of pyramid

(BOP): from theoretical considerations to practical realities. Journal of Consumer

Marketing. 29, 507-520. doi: 10.1108/07363761211275018.

Lastly, I used the search database Proquest with success. To my surprise, many different

articles were shown. In all honesty, I expected the same articles to appear as had appeared

in EBSCO host having used the same search parameters. Perusing many of the articles, I

decided the article most closely associated with the research I am performing was:

Goi, C. (2009). A review of marketing mix: 4ps or more? International Journal of

Marketing. 1, 2-15. doi: 821640869.

This activity was not new to me, as I have used ProQuest, EBSCO host and Roadrunner

on many different occasions and feel confident in my ability to research articles through all three.

The difference on this occasion was the necessity to use them for an assignment to be graded,

which created both a sense of urgency and attention to detail. As with everything you don’t use

regularly, with practice I will continue to improve.

Teaching Marketing and Strategic Marketing at Shepherd University, there are many

different marketing books and textbooks in my personal library. For this assignment I chose:

Kurtz, D. (2012). Contemporary business. (15th ed.). Customer driven marketing (pp. 330-

333). Danvers, MA: Wiley and Sons.

Chapter 15 relates to my research and defines the Marketing Mix in the simple fashion I relate it

to my students with.

Philip Kotler is known in the Marketing profession as the father of modern marketing.

Kotler has written many books, taught the subject for over half a century and has received

accolades, both nationally and internationally. With this in mind, I decided to perform an

internet search through Bing using the single parameter: Philip Kotler. Many books, articles and

internet sites were supplied. For my personal benefit, I perused several of the sites dedicated to

Kotler and viewed his books on Amazon. The site I find of the most importance for this paper


Kotler, P. (2009). Philip kotler marketing. Retrieved from

When performing a database search for research, one must go into the search with an

open mind. Regardless of your knowledge, or the knowledge you think you have, something...
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