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Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are the means by which firms attempts to inform, persuade and remind consumers directly or indirectly about the products and brands that they sell. It represents the voice of the brand and are a means by which it can establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers. The marketing communications mix consists of advertising, sales, promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling, events and experiences and direct marketing. TOYOTA, a first class global car manufacturing company, with headquarters in JAPAN is our focus in this discourse and we assume that the organisation is considering the adoption of a more customer focused business strategy. Consumers can be told or show how and why a product is sued, by what kind of person, and where and when, consumers can also team about TOYOTA who makes the product and what the firm and the brand stand for and consumers can be given an incentive or reward for trial for usage. A customer focused business strategy centres on the customer who is the KING in marketing. Micromodels of marketing communications concentrate on consumers’ specific responses to communications. All these models assume that the buyer passes through a congnitive, affective and behavioural stage. This learn feel do sequence is appropriate when the audience has high involvement with a product category perceived to have high differentiation, as in buying a vehcile like TOYOTA. The role that marketing communication is required to currently fulfil within TOYOTA can be set at any level of the hierachy of effects model. Rossier and per cey identify four possible objectives viz: (a) Category need (b) brand awareness ( c) brand attitude and (b) Brand purchase intention. (a) Category need: A new to the world product such as a new model of TOYOTA would always begin with a communication objective of establishing category need. In addition, as TOYOTA seeks to establishing category its products lines category, it desires to remove ( or satisfy) a perceived discrepancy between current motivational state and a desired emotional state. (b) Brand awareness_ ability to identify ( recognise or recall) the TOYOTA cars within the category of vehicles available for sales to consumers in the automobile manufacturing sector. Inasmuch as recognition is easier to achieve than recall, consumers are more likely to recognise TOYOTA models than recall the brand if asked to think of a particular brand of motor-cars from the FAR EAST-China, Japan, South Korea and India. Brand recall is vital to consumers outside of the TOYOTA dealers’stores and brand awareness provides a foundation for Toyotas brand equity in the auto-industry. (c) Brand Attitude: This evaluates TOYOTA brand with respect to its perceived ability to meet a currently relevant need. Withion the last three years, it was reported that some TOYOTA JEEP vehicles exported to Nigeria from JAPAN had serious mechanical faults on the wheels and braking system... and the firms’sole representative in Nigeria, TOYOTA NIGERIA LIMITED launched an advertising campaign in 2010 as relevant brand needs was negatively oriented ( problem removal, problem avoidance, incomplete satisfaction as some buyers were not happy that the TOYOTA vehicles they bought were 100% excellent, normal depletion of new, old and potential customers who did not want to be seen driving malfunctioned TOYOTA jeeps around town. (d) Brand purchase intention: Self- instructions to buy TOYOTA cars or to take purchase related action. Therefore, formulating the communications to achieve the desired response to TOYOTA brands will require solving three problems: what to say ( message strategy), how to say it (creative strategy) and who should say it (message source). II. TOYOTA is the world’s third largest car manufacturer and is the biggest Japanese car manufacturer. It has the following strengths: it is reliable and has high quality image, innovative,...
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