British and American Press

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5. British and American Press
Nearly 80% of all households in Britain buy a copy of one of the main national papers every day – the British are the third biggest newspaper readers. Newspaper publications are dominated by the national press. Non-national, local and regional papers, with significant circulations are published mostly in the evenings, when they don’t compete with national ones. “The Sunday papers” are mostly national, they sell slightly more copies and thicker. British “paper round” is organized to provide people with their morning papers delivered to their door by a teenager who gets up at around half-past five every day in order to earn a it of extra pocket money. There are 2 types of national papers: “broadsheets” or “quality papers” cater for the better educated readers, and “tabloids” sell to a much larger readership with more pictures than print. Broadsheets devote much space to politics and “serious topics”, they are twice as large as tabloids which concentrate on “human interest stories” like sex and scandal and cover it in a simpler style of English. None of the big national newspaper “belongs” to a political party. However each paper has an idea of what kind of reader it is appealing and has a fairly predictable political outlook. If you go into any well-stocked newsagent’s in Britain, you will find rows and rows of magazines catering for almost every imaginable taste and specializing in almost every imaginable pastime. Among these publications there are a few weeklies dealing with news and current affairs, and they manage to achieve a circulation of more than a hundred thousand. The most influential British daily paper is THE TIMES. It was founded by John Walter in 1785 as THE DAILY UNIVERSAL REGISTER, then renamed THE TIMES in 1788. Was also called as THUDERER for its formidable editorials (was the 1st paper to employ foreign correspondents). Its prestige raised due to marketing slogan TOP PEOPLE READ THE TIMES. Now is owned by the...
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