Of Mice of Men

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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This glossary is designed to give you technical terms to help you write in more detail about media texts. It includes many of the terms used in television, film, newspapers and marketing.

|biased |One-sided rather than neutral or objective | |broadsheet newspaper |also sometimes called ‘the quality press’. | | |Large format newspapers that report news in depth, often with a serious tone and higher | | |level language. News is dominated by national and international events, politics, | | |business, with less emphasis on celebrities and gossip. | | |Examples: The Independent, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph | |connotation |The feelings and thoughts we associate with a word, as opposed to the denotation which is | | |its dictionary definition. The connotation of child might be ‘innocent, vulnerable’. The | | |denotation is ‘young adult’. | |denotation |The dictionary definition of a word | |disinformation |Giving incorrect information about a subject (it can be a polite term for telling lies) | |discourse markers |Words and phrases which help readers and listeners to follow the structure of a text. They| | |can refer back to earlier information, or signal new topics. Look out for: Earlier, later,| | |in fact, however, meanwhile, despite this. | |fade |Types of camera effect: fade = the image moves to darkness | |dubbing |Adding a sound track to a sequence of images | |editorial |Newspaper articles giving the newspaper’s opinions on the main stories of the day. They | | |are also sometimes called ‘leader articles’ | |focus group |Group of people invited to comment on a new product or campaign. Researchers then use | | |their comments to decide how best to market the product. | |frame |One of the separate images used to make up a storyboard or film | |fx |Abbreviation for sound effects | |genre |A category of writing – for example, documentaries, sit-coms, soap operas; or crime | | |writing, romance, travel writing. | |headlines |text at the top of a story designed to catch our interest. They may be short, | | |eye-catching, dramatic. | |In / Ext |Abbreviations used in film and television to indicate whether a scene is interior or | | |exterior | |Masthead |The top...
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