Brand Switching

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Nokia Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 27, 2013
1. TITLE: “Factors responsible for Brand switching from Samsung to Nokia in smartphones in Indore region ”.

15 years ago, having a mobile phone was considered a luxury, but now it is a very common commodity. Just look around and you will see someone talking on a mobile phone. This device has become an integral part of our life. It is very interesting to see how the mobile handset market has evolved from ten years before to what it is now. What is even more interesting is how competition plays a very important role in determining the market condition today and tomorrow. Initially when Motorola introduced the mobile handset it was said that this device had a huge potential and that prediction has come true. For 14 years Nokia has held the top position of the global mobile phone market, however according to a Reuters poll of analysts, Samsung Electronics is outselling the Finnish mobile giant, but now we can see that people are switching their brands from nokia to other brands so we here want to find and study the factors in our research report that are responsible for the sudden change in the preference of the customers who previously used to buy the Nokia Cellphones but now prefer Samsung over Nokia.

3. BRIEF LITERATURE REVIEW: Following Researches have been conducted on Brand switching:

* Consumers Propensity to Switch: A STUDY ON Mobile phone Industry * SWITCHING TENDENCIES OF CONSUMERS OF MOBILE PHONE SERVICES IN PUNJAB DISTRICT * Smartphone Students brand preferences between Apple and Samsung by: Maha Al-azzawi & Mac Anthony * “Brand Switching in Fmcg products of Buyers : An Empirical Study Of Indian Customers” by Gopal Das,Lecturer of NSHM Business School, Kolkata and by Dr.Rohit Vishal Kumar, Reader at Xavier Institute Of Social Service, Ranchi in 2009. * Examine the Factors Influencing Brand-switching by Xueling luo

As the choices for the customer have increased for the consumer...
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