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Brand Plan template
The following slides contain an overview for a brand planning process. They are not meant to cover all elements of a plan for all brands at all the different stages of their lifecycle and should be seen as a starting point.

Process Overview
• • • • • • • • Environmental analysis to determine the current status and position of a business in relation to its external environment and current activities Identify the critical success factors Define the product position & key messages Define the customer group Forecast sales Specify the business objectives Build an aligned activity plan Set metrics to monitor success of implementation

Environmental Analysis (1)
A PESTLE analysis is a useful model for understanding the environment in which an organisation is operating •P Political •E Economic •S Sociological •T Technological •L Legal/Regulatory •E Environmental It is important to focus on the factors most relevant to your business When complete, select the key issues

Environmental Analysis (2)
Porter’s 5 forces model is useful for carrying out a competitor analysis. It helps to define the sources of competition to the business Threat of substitutes
New entrants

Threat of new entrants


Intensity of competition

Bargaining power of buyers


Bargaining power of suppliers


Environmental Analysis (3)
SWOT analysis is a method for analysing a business, its resources, and its environment

Factors internal to the business:



Factors external to the business:



Environmental Analysis (4)
• Use your SWOT to support strategic decision making
• Match strengths with opportunities • Identify possible solutions to your weaknesses • What decisions need to be considered in the activity plan?

Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
• Based on your conclusions from the PESTLE analysis and SWOT analysis • Identify the areas or factors that are key...
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