Brand Loyalty

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  • Published : September 6, 2008
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One of the major goals of marketing is reaching the brand loyalty phase to a customer. Brand loyalty would be the commitment of a consumer to continue purchasing and supporting the company/brand. Companies benefit from this because they have a constant customer who would spread the word about the company and will be willing to pay higher prices for a certain product or service.

Brand Loyalty

Most people if not everyone is loyal to a certain brand or service. When a company offers good customer service, a unique product, benefits for purchasing that product and other incentives, etc, a consumer will start leaning to that brand each time they consider purchasing that product.

I recently asked my husband about any brands he considered to be loyal to, he told me that Apple/ Macintosh is one of his favorite electronics brand. Things that attracted him and held him to this brand were their original designs/looks, great customer service, dependability, and frequent innovations.

In 1976 Apple Computer Inc. came to be in Cupertino, California. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In 2007 they dropped “Computer” from their name because of their expansion in electronic products. Since the early days of Apple, they have been known to “reinvent the wheel” and taking the risk of trying something new and innovative. Apple has always strived to push the limits and to provide more efficient computers, sleeker designs, and products offered by no other company. Apple is also known to be a very environmentally conscious company. They believe heavily in product and packing design, energy efficiency and recycling. For these reasons and many more consumers have stayed loyal to Apple and have stuck with them know that they will always come out with something sleeker, faster, and original.

According to Macnn(2006) Apple along with Google and Symantic were the top 3 in a consumer loyalty survey. This survey conducted studies on...
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