Chapter 14 Branding and Packaging

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 3 (566 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Learning Objectives
1.To explain the value of branding
2.To understand brand loyalty
3.To analyze the major components of brand equity
4.To recognize the types of brands and their benefits
5.To understand how to select and protect brands
6.To examine three types of branding policies
7.To understand co-branding and brand licensing
8.To describe the major packaging functions and design considerations and how packaging is used in marketing strategies 9.To examine the functions of labeling and describe some legal issues pertaining to labeling

1.) Branding
Brand- a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that identifies one marketer's product as distinct from those of other marketers Brand Name- the part of a brand that can be spoken, including letters, words, and numbers Brand Mark- the part of a brand that is not made up of words, such as a symbol or design Trademark- a legal designation of exclusive use of a brand

Trade Name- the full legal name of an organization

2.) Brand Loyalty
Brand Loyalty- a customer's favorable attitude toward a specific brand Brand Recognition- the degree of brand loyalty in which a customer is aware that a brand exists and views the brand as an alternative purchase if their preferred brand is unavailable Brand Preference- the degree of brand loyalty in which a customer prefers one brand over competitive offerings Brand Insistence- the degree of brand loyalty in which a customer strongly prefers a specific brand and will accept no substitute

3.) Brand Equity
Brand Equity- the marketing and financial value associated with a brand's strength in a market

4.) Types of Brands
Manufacturer Band- a brand initiated by producers to ensure that producers are identified with their products at the point of purchase Private Distributor Brand- a brand initiated and owned by a reseller Generic Brands- a brand indicating only the product category

5.) Selecting a Brand Name
How are brand names devised?
Brand names can be...
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