Brain Drain Phenomenon

Topics: Developed country, Human Development Index, United States Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: December 17, 2012
In recent years, the problem of “brain drain” has been acutely affected for poorer countries that lose workers to wealthier countries. However, some others claim that the movement of skilled labor is only a natural migration phenomenon in the modern world. I’m totally convinced by the first standpoint. It is a fact that in the third nation groups, there is a lack of promotion prospects. Workers concern about poor management, heavy workload, lack of facilities, a declining health service, inadequate living conditions and high levels of violence and crime in this country. Almost of thorny issues are remedied by government in the rich countries. They meet demand of talents thereby workers live in the better environment which they don’t enjoy the fruit of their labor in their poor home country. The factors arising forms concerns are as push factors for they push people away, and those factors that offer prospects for better circumstances are known as pull factors. Therefore, more and more qualified people want to go abroad to live and work. In addition, there is one more reason why some wealthier countries tempt talented people away and workers want to get away their nation. That is people in developing countries are educated well and residents tend to study and work hard because of their future, while in have nation it is less such workers. Developed countries has policy which encourages foreign workers and they are hiring staff from abroad as they are far cheaper and sometimes more skilled. For example, during the tech boom in the United State, many IT workers from India were attracted to this country. Besides, that developed world is robbing African countries of health staff. In a way, this becomes a form of subsidy for the rich. In conclusion, there will still have unbalance in the percentage of qualified workforce among the groups of nation in the world. The rich nations are richer and richer, the poor nation will become poorer.
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