Boys and Girls Who Has It Better

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Who has it worse in life, boys or girls? There are several advantages of being a girl and there are several advantages of being a boy. For example, there are double standards like a girl can get away with less punishment than if she were a boy and a boy can get paid more than a girl that has the same job. Also, girls have to give birth, what do guys have that is worse than that? In the end, I think neither boys nor girls have it better in life and that it really just comes down to the situation they are in than the gender you are born with.

It is 2009 now and women have rights. A woman can become president. Does it really make much of a difference if I was born as a girl, instead of a boy? My personality and ideas would surely be completely different and I would have different problems to deal with, but in terms of happiness, I think it’s the same. I don’t think it would cause me to become severely depressed or anything like that. My choices and work ethic will decide what I make out of my life, not my gender.

Neither boys nor girls have it better in life. It’s the situation that they are in that really determines how hard their life is. For example, being homeless, starving for food, fighting cancer, having parents on drugs, having no parents, and being in a concentration camp are all examples of bad situations in life that I think are far worse than giving birth or dealing with PMS.

The question, “Who has it worse in life, boys or girls?” is just too broad of a question. If we paired up boys and girls in our class in groups of two and compared them to see which gender had the easier or worse life, we would not always get the same answer. There is no gender that always has it worse in life. It depends on the situation because we all have different lifestyles and make different choices in life.
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