Gender and Educational Achievement

Topics: Gender, Female, Education Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Gender and Educational Achievement
a) Explain what is meant by “peer-group status”. (2 Marks) Peer-group status is being seen as “big” or important in the eyes of friends and other people around you.

b) Suggest three ways in which teaching might be altered to favour boys. (6 Marks) Three ways in which teaching can be altered to favour boys are:- * Include practical work to make sure they understand the work. * offering extra credit or chances unequally between males and females, favouring the males * School Topics that the school teaches such as Maths, Design Technology, Physical Education and many more are more male based subjects.

c) Outline some of the factors outside the education system that have affected gender differences in school. (12 Marks) There are many factors outside the school education system that have affected gender differences in school. Firstly it can be said that parents expect more from their children to be hardworking, have responsible over their actions and behaviour towards others, to be tidy and neat. This is known as Parental Aspiration. Compared to girls, boys are more Laddish behaved which leads them to disrespect teachers in schools. Furthermore peer pressure can also affect gender difference in school; this is suggested in some case where boys impress their friends by acting like a “Cool” person, in the end not paying attention in class or to their studies. Whereas most girls are more likely to achieve better in their studies, this is more likely they stay away bad influenced people. According to Francis (2000) “boys no longer likely to consider themselves more able than girls”, this is considered to the subject choices that boys undertake, which do not require academic success, however girls think more realistic which do require academic success such as becoming an Engineer or a teacher, this makes them seem to work harder in school’s to go to University and to pursue the profession job. Additionally...
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