Born to Be Leaders

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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This essay will argue that Good managers can actually be made through training. This essay will discuss ideas such as what a good manager is and its role in an organization. The essential managerial skills required for a manger and how it is something that one cannot be born with. Along with the theory of followership and the stereotype of “Men are born to be leaders” will be discussed.

Managers are in all organizations with different job titles like team leader, project manager or even senior executive. Managers are assumed to have leadership skills and works with employees who require them for vital support and assistance in their jobs. Managers are also responsible for improving and sustaining the performance and work efforts of others. The process of management, which includes – planning, organizing, leading and controlling, is the process that is used by all managers to recognize performance problems, opportunities, which allows them to make good judgment and achieve performance goals. In order to effectively follow the process of management, managers are required to have a set of skills. Essential managerial skills include the following – technical skill, human skill and conceptual skill. Technical skills are acquired through formal education and job experience. Tasks such as accounting or engineering are examples that requires technical skills hence highlights why training is important. The idea of human skill is the ability to work effectively with other people which accentuate the importance of communication skills of a manger. Lastly, conceptual skill is the ability to critically and analytically view situations and solve problems with a solution that is of the highest benefit for all parties. From the above, it is evident that a manager requires quite an amount of skills and as (Ryan, 2010) states, a manager is one that “must be a jack-of-all trades, but also a master of many”.

The quality of being considerate through communication will now...
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