Management vs. Leadership

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Management vs. Leadership

Management and leadership functions are definitely not one and the same, although they are unavoidably linked together hand and hand. Evidently, it is clear to note that they overlap and compliment one another. Having one without the other no doubt will cause more problems than it solves. Yet the two indefinitely have their major differences. To start, a manager manages tasks and systems, while a leader leads and inspires people. “The manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate.” (Murray, 2010).


Management as a concept was developed in the last 100 years partly due to the booming industrial revolution. “The definition of management is to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of a group or organization.” (Ricketts, 2009). Management goals are to accomplish tasks and master routines.

Different personal levels of skillsets – technical, human and conceptual – are key to achieving effective management. Technical skills are obviously necessary to be proficient and comprehensive. Human skills, also called people skills, are necessary to broaden the manager’s perceptiveness and awareness to the group or organization. Lastly, conceptual skills are required to bring focus on ideas and innovations. Each of these skills is part of the formula for effective management.

As a manager, producing order and consistency is automatically expected. Planning, budgeting, staffing, establishing rules and procedures are some of the responsibilities managers face. In a management role, detailed steps and timetables to achieve results are established. The human network a manager would develop would be based on organization and staffing, delegating responsibility and authority to carrying out a plan, providing policies and procedures to guide people, and constructing systems to monitor implementation. Ultimately, a manager would create a certain degree of...
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