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bloomerHang®: Hang Up Your Ad
to reach consumers, but the revenue generated from selling the space to advertisers is also used to keep production costs low, ensuring greater value and affordability for distributors while enhancing the reach for marketers. In this way, the bloomerHang® takes advantage of previously unutilized space, and opens up new opportunities as . a marketing/media platform. The unique design of the bloomerHang® did not happen ovemigJ1t, but rather as a result of multiple design iterations. Thian conducted many field studies in the wardrobes of friends and family, in fumiture stores, and in laundry vans, searching for the elements of design that would make the bloomerHang® viable. After comparing over 20 different hanger designs, one important fact he gleaned was a size disparity in hangers catering to the European and Asian markets; there was a difference in width of two inches. This was an important finding; with the company's efforts concentrated in Singapore-an Asian market-the larger, European 18-inch hanger would stretch the shoulders of clothing and wrinkle smaller garments. This observation not only helped refine the product design to better cater to the local market, but also reduced the amount of material necessary to produce a single bloomerHang®, thereby saving on the costs of production. Another interesting fact gleaned from these fact-finding missions was that over 60 percent of the garments passing though dry-Cleaners were menswear; this allowed the company to better understand the demographics of its target audience, and to select its advertising partners. It is this attention to detail that is behind the unique design of the bloomerHang®, and it has been recognized with nominations for a prestigious design award. The bloomerHang® is offered as a new marketing platform for advertisers and companies targeting a specific demographic. The bloomerHang® reaches its four target audience segments through four major...
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