The Effects on Body Image from the Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Body image, Eating disorders Pages: 6 (1741 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The Effects on Body Image from the Mass Media
Kerianne Boss
Argosy University

The mass media governs the information on what women see and so they can affect the female’s self-image ideals. The mass media is a significant society of socialization; whereas the individual thinks they discover their own individuality, thoughts and emotions that help them contribute in society. However, the mass media is just another public resource to females that will not only confuse their identity, but can cause emotional harm when referencing self-image. Consequent to reading most of the contextual studies completed, I have hypothesized that the mass media does have a negative effect on the “ideal body image” of young females. What is even more assumed is the total amount of females that develop eating disorders (from several methods of mass media) are growing higher in reaction to what they do observe visually. When I first started this research project, I became fascinated with finding information as to whether the mass media affects females when it comes to body dissatisfaction. However, I have recently stumbled upon more and more research that is also including parental factors as well as the mass media that can have detrimental side effects to young as well as older females. I would like to change my previous hypothesis that stated, “The mass media has a very profound effect on the body image of young females” and include parental factors. Therefore, I hypothesize that both parental factors and the mass media has led young females to further their body dissatisfaction and sometimes even leading to eating disorders.

Literature Review

In the two-part study, the Body Parts Satisfaction Scale, and a body image attitudes measure, broke down the participants into race; 66.7% White American, 17.6% African American, 6.3% Mexican American, 5% Asian American, 0.6% Native American, and 3.8% unreported (Petrie, Tripp & Harvey, 2002). Affirmative analysis established that the two tests fit the data; influences of eating disorders measures strengthened their hypothesis and similar validity. Additionally, the two effects were unrelated (Petrie, Tripp & Harvey, 2002).

Heinberg used one hundred thirty-nine women that observed television commercials that restricted either person-related commercials or non-person-related commercials. Pre-post measures of unhappiness, irritation, apprehension, and body dissatisfaction were observed (Heinberg & Thompson, 1995). Participants receiving high marks on these measures developed considerably more depression subsequent to exposure to the appearance of individuals in commercials and considerably less depressed subsequent to observing of the non-individuals in commercials.

Sands, Maschette, & Armatas (2004) used a technique for measuring body image satisfaction created on a computer influence of a digital picture platform by means of a sample of fifty-six female students aged seventeen to twenty-two years (Sands Maschette, & Armatas, 2004). Their computer alteration technique develops a measurement of body image dissatisfaction on the foundation of the comparative significance of separate body measures.

Martinez-Gonzalez used a regional representative sample of 2,862 girls who were twelve to twenty-one years of age that used the Eating Attitudes Test (2003). In the study, a greater risk of developing an eating disorder was caused from several experiences. For example, younger age was a factor, as well as habitually read female magazines, listened to radio programs, and parental factors such as divorce (most commonly using both media). Their outcomes backup the negative role that the mass media plays and parental position (divorced or not) in the starting of eating disorders (Martinez-Gonzalez, M., 2003).

The study, presented by L. Pinhas, observed variations in a females' disposition consequential from their looking at photographs in style...
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