Retail Marketing Project: Splash Fashion vs. Max Retailer

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  • Published: December 9, 2012
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Retail Marketing Project

Splash Fashion vs. Max Retailer

Dr. Maha Shedid

Done By:

|Firas Haffar |006000299 |

1. Introduction:

1. History:
Splash Fashion and Max Retail are owned by Landmark Group. The group was founded in 1973 as a single store in Bahrain and grew to be one of the biggest retailers in the Middle East.

1. Splash Fashion:
Was funded in 1993 as a store that sells the latest clothes fashion and accessories, for both man and women at a reasonable price. It is the largest fashion retailer in the GCC countries, and its expanding to Egypt and India also. And here is some Facts about the shop and the awards won :

|Key Facts |Awards Won | | Established in 1993 |Winner of the Retail ME Awards 2005 for "Business Excellence of the Year" | |Largest fashion retailer in the GCC |Featured in the "Top 40 Arab Brands" list in a Middle East research conducted by | | |Forbes Arabia in October 2006 | |Total retail floor space over 1.3 million sq.ft. |Gold awarded in the ‘Fashion & Art’ category at the UAE Web Awards 2006 | |Core target market: Men, women and teens between |Winner of "Marketing Campaign of the Year" at the Retail ME Awards 2006 | |age 18-35 | | |80 splash stores and 66 brand stores |Voted runner-up for "Best High Street Fashion Store" at the Grazia Middle East | |...
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