Blood Type Personality and Food Choice

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Blood type is one of the important body components. There are many good chances to change your personality in positive way, prevent a certain disease and know how to deal with people easily if you know about the blood type. Today, this short report is going to give you some information which related to the blood type such as the history of invention of blood type, how the invention of blood type made huge change in medical industry, what the dissimilarity in character between people who has different blood type are and what kind of food is good or bad for different blood type people. From this report you will recognize the reason why you ‘must’ know about your blood type for yourself. Some information without referencing is from writer’s previous studying at another university before.


When it was invented and how could it effect on medical industry2
Different personalities by different blood type3
Blood type A4
Blood type B4
Blood type AB5
Blood type O:6
Food choice for each blood group6
Blood type A6
Blood type B7
Blood type AB7
Blood type O7

All of the humankind in the world has own blood type however most of people don’t want to know about when it is invented and how to distinguish what my blood type is. Moreover, most of western culture people don’t even care about their blood type at all until they have a major accident. It is too late to try to figure their blood type out and find a suitable blood for them if they have a unique blood type. Thus, this report is going to make people the reason why they need to know and what are the benefits from it. Let’s go one more step into fantastic blood type world to know about it.

When it was invented and how could it effect on medical industry In the year of 1901, one of Austrian, Karl Landsteiner (Hans555, 2007), discovered all of humankind has different blood groups by long term of experiment about the blood. It was a great achievement in the field of medical science that he found out ABO blood group. Actually, all of doctors around the world considered that the injection of blood to other person is really risky and has extremely rare chance to success the operation because they didn’t know there are few different types of blood and those different types of blood fights against each other. Therefore, they just don’t want to do this kind of blood needed operation. As a result of this, the death rate was high if someone had an accident and need blood injection. Nevertheless, success rate of blood inject operation was dramatically increased after the inventor published and announced the results of his research. Karl could win the Nobel Prize finally in 1930 with his great achievement; which brings huge change into the world but he did not stop studying on other hypothesizes and found out some more secrets of blood type in 1940. That was RH blood group which is on top of the ABO blood group. (Tommy2010, 2010, para 31) Left side picture: availability of blood injection (InvictaHOG, 2006, para 2) Picture above: blood compatibility by RH system (InvictaHOG, 2006, para 6) From his outstanding works, the medical field could break a huge wall and start to develop their surgery skills with ABO and RH blood group discrimination method from Karl. Nowadays, there are over 30 kinds of blood group systems have been discovered, nevertheless Karl’s ABO and RH systems are widely and popularly used throughout all over the world.

Different personalities by different blood type
You may get some information about what kind of blood types people have. In this section, it is time to have some useful facts to deal with people who has certain blood type. Here are some examples of personality for each blood type and how to deal with those kinds of people in business meeting. (JosefNatalie, 2008, para 3) Blood type A

First of all,...
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