Hca 240 Blood Disorders

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Blood Disorders

HCA 240
September 30,2012
Vinod Sharma

Blood Disorders
There are several different blood disorders that an individual may experience in their lifetime. Blood disorders are diagnosed by family medical history, symptoms that the individual may be experiencing and the individual’s lifestyle. The three scenarios provided each blood disorder is very different. Amy has iron deficiency anemia whereas, Marcus has sickle cell trait-anemia and Richard is dealing with Thrombocytopenia. Amy, Marcus and Richard have all been diagnosed with a blood disorder where treatments are available. There is information provided for each disorders cause, the criteria for diagnosis, the treatment and how it can be prevented. When the body lacks adequate amounts of iron in the red blood cells’ hemoglobin you will find iron deficiency anemia. Hemoglobin is made from iron which is how oxygen is carried in the body. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when there is a shortage of iron in the blood. The body functions are impaired when less oxygen reaches its cells and tissue (Medical Encyclopedia:Iron Deficiency Anemia, 2012). Iron deficiency anemia has multiple probable causes. The body suffers when the individual’s diet does not contain enough iron. If the individual’s diet has a shortage of iron it makes it difficult for the body to absorb the iron that is already existent in the body. In young people iron deficiency anemia may be because of rapid growth. Iron deficiency anemia can also be caused by continual blood loss from another medical condition. The physician must complete a medical exam to determine the cause. The physician will run a blood test known as the CBC to determine the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the blood. A serum iron test is used to determine the amount of iron in the blood. On some occasions a stool sample will be used to determine it the individual is passing blood in their stools. Once a diagnosis is reached proper treatment will begin to...
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