Blended Coaching

Topics: Coaching, Leadership, Skill Pages: 5 (1800 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Blended Coaching
Book Review
Charmaine Smith
Coppin State University

This is a well written, easy to read practical guide to coaching principals and other school leaders. It contains many examples of different coaching styles for the education sector. The authors offer a fresh approach to professional development of leadership. Blended Coaching provides research and theory for the readers with practical skills and strategies for leadership coaching which is connected to the needs of principals and other school leaders. This book provides field tested, concise guidance, for all who are concerned with supporting new and veteran principals’ professional learning and all other leadership stakeholders within the education sector. In this book you will find real life examples to enforce key concepts, exercises for coaches and principals, and comprehensive resources which include worksheets, sample forms, and assessments. This is a must read for principals who are determined to improve their leadership abilities. Bloom, G., Castagna, C., Moir, E., & Warren, B., (2005) are the authors of Blended Coaching: Skills and Strategies to Support Principal Development. The publishing company is located in Thousand Oaks California, Publisher Corwin Press A Sage Publications Company. The price of the book is $23.45 and has 147pps. The authors of this book are affiliated with the New Teacher Center (NTC) located at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). The New Teacher Center is dedicated to improving student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of new and veteran teachers and school leaders. The center has been in operation since 1998 and has served over 49,000 teachers and 5,000 mentors. The NTC has touched millions of students across the country through comprehensive mentoring and professional development programs. (Each author has an educational background. Collectively, their background and experiences range from classroom teacher to assistant superintendent, bring almost 100 years of experience to the writing of the book. The experiences speak volumes in that authors are practioners that have translated their work into theory. These authors are all affiliated with the New Teacher Center which can be found on the website: Blended Coaching elements of the book are well defined in three parts. Part I consist of Leadership Coaching Skills. It defines what is coaching and ties the power of coaching to what we know about how adults learn. This chapter pays particular attention to emotional intelligence and cultural proficiency as a prior condition to success as a school leader. Some of the key elements in the chapter one are: • Ability to see contexts rather than supplying content • The synergy element’s of getting the leaders to work together as opposed to independently and making use of all their resources. In other words thinking outside the box and becoming a tuned with each other in completing the task at hand. • After coaching someone and they do well and move on make use of the data. Coaches provide meaningful feedback. This feedback may affect you emotionally but pushes you to open oneself to new horizons out of your safety zone. In part I coaching is considered to be the practice of providing intentional support to another individual to assist clarification in achieving their goals. In order to supervise instructions and bring about change in an individual’s leadership a coach must establish trust, demonstrate competence, observe and provide feedback to the individual. It is important to provide coaching strategies that will support the individual’s leadership and improve their leadership skills without feeling belittle. The book utilizes an excellent real life example of learning to fly an airplane reflecting on the flight instructor as a coach to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of coaching. The authors demonstrate the similarity...
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