Leadership Coaching Development Plan

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ABSTRACT This assessment paper digs deep into the dynamics of peer coaching (PC) in developing leadership and managerial competency. It relates my experience and performance as a participant in the peer coaching scheme set up under the managerial effectiveness course unit of Curtin university school of business. In this PC process, I was a peer coach to Simpson and I acted both as a coach and coachee (Thorn; McLeod; Goldsmith 2007).The overview of my experience, performance and learning points are succinctly unwrapped in this paper. Also unearthed, is how the process provided me with good structures to anchor my development plan of building competency in the proper employment of participative decision-making (PDM) skill, one of the prerequisite skills towards moulding an altogether effective managerial and capable leadership skill sets which this course seeks to achieve for me. The final part of this assessment paper expounds the experiential learning principle with an attachment to peer coaching scheme and how it impacts on building competency in managerial effectiveness.


SECTION ONE PEER COACHING EXPERIENCE’S SUPPORT FOR MY DEVELOPMENT PLANS AND OUTCOMES The road to mastery of any activity is essentially a lifelong learning process that takes place over time (Quinn et al 2007). Just as one cannot become an expert swimmer by jumping into the deep end of the pool (Quinn et al 2007), building managerial competency into perennial enviable one will require one to channel, over a long coverage of time, constant efforts into activities that can shore up one in learning and consolidating one’s managerial effectiveness. Peer coaching is one experiential learning method that can be explored as an effective way to develop or enhance managerial competency (Ladyshewsky 2007). This report seeks to encapsulate how my coaching experience with my peer coach, Simpson, supported my development plans and outcomes. My quest to build core competency in using participative decision- making (PDM) skill discussed as my deficiency in the 360-degree feedback paper received a monumental boost by my peer coaching experience as bringing this shortcoming to the discussion burners with my peer coach gave me new insights into achieving great improvement in gaining and wielding this skill. This, I believe, is the position Ladyshewsky (2003) fleshes out that by working together, coaching and discussing concepts and performance, opportunities for entering unknown domains become possible. My” known unknowns” in my Johari window became “knowns” as communication ensued between us because “Knowns” quadrant became larger (Quinn et al 2007).The trust that I reposed in my


peer coach, compelled me to demonstrate unmitigated openness throughout the PC process and its benefits for my development plan were too numerous to mention. Apart from affording my peer coach greater insights into my plan, it also impacted greatly on his offered solution strategies. This equally brought for me, good reflective action plans. Also of worth mentioning, is our closer comparative status. Greater equality between me and my peer coach fostered deeper and well connected conversation between us (Damon and Phelps 1989), emboldened me to lay bare my burning desire to acquire the competency in the usage of participative decision making without any reservation. This gave me cogent and free will to think expansively on my development plan, this is lending credence to the lore that, open conversation increases innovation (ESL Teachers). In this manner I was able to co-opt many feasible solutions to my need. By receiving non-evaluative feedback from my peer coach, self awareness was promoted and thinking on action learning was evoked. Finally, the use of probing yet nonevaluative questions elicited higher-order thinking skills and this way my knowledge gap on my need was...
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