Blackberry Marketing Case Study

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The internet boom was arguably the biggest boom of the millennium, since the beginning of the internet countless number of companies and products emerged using the internet in every way possible. Blackberry is a Smartphone produced by Research in Motion available in various models with various capabilities but a lot of brand specific similarities. It was one of the first Smartphone to allow users to access the internet wherever they are with useful applications for everyday necessities such as E-Mail and Facebook. This case study hopes to provide a closer look in the business that is Blackberry, focusing on their line of Smartphones.

2.Product Anatomy
2.1.Core product
The core product is the main point why a phone (blackberry) will be bought and in this case it has to do with the technology, the connectivity and the ostentatious feeling of owning one. The technology has changed over the years, at first it was the pager that was an important device, followed by the PDA and at last but not least the Smartphone. It isn’t even imaginable to have the Smartphone’s taken out of our lives in these days. The connectivity is an important point of having a phone for example in emergency moments, to inform about being late, to chat with friend and much more other cases. We all want the latest devices, because you don’t want to be looked at as an old fashion person.

2.2.Tangible product
Tangible product can be defined as the way in which the concept of the core product is turned into something 'real' that the customer can interact with, including design, quality, branding, and product features. The design of the blackberry is famous for its Qwerty keyboard and the trackball/touchpad. The blackberry has a good quality that can be compared with the Iphone. Once someone talks about a blackberry everyone immediately know what it is, this means that it is a well know brand that is known worldwide. It used to be a business phone, but by its success it has become a phone for all types of use.

2.3.Augmented product
Augmented product can be defined as the extra perks of the mobile and the advantages that the phone has over its competitions. Customers get an additional benefit by getting a guarantee, this guarantee can be 1 year but it can also be 5 years it depends on the product/brand. Furthermore, a company can stand out from others if it provides good insurance options, users get very attached to their Smartphones and will want to know it’s safe. Blackberry messenger is one of the unique selling points that makes the blackberry so special, also the App world, the blackberry mail and Whats-app are an good example for a augmented product.

2.4.Potential product
The potential product is all the extensions and transformation that a product can undergo in the future. Changes such as the design and image are an important transformation, but that is not the only change that a product has to undergo. It is also important that the technological development will improve through the years and keep up with is competitors.

3.Blackberry STEP Factors

3.1.Socio-cultural environment
The demographic figures show that blackberry users are:
55% male
Have an average age of 37
Mainly used by people in business environment and college students Blackberry’s typical design attitudes include:
High user security with wireless safety and data back ups •Qwerty keyboard for sleek business look
Great after sale perks including insurance and downloadable updates The culture surrounding Blackberry is mainly known for:
A business community using the phones for the assistance it provides •College students keen on always being connected
3.2.Technological environment
Smartphones technological Features
Research In Motion (RIM) technology is always staying on top of latest developments •Blackberry App World allows users to download handy applications •Instant messaging and e-mail connects you at all...
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