Buss1001 - Case Study 1

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Strategic management Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Case Study 1

In order for the BlackBerry industry to succeed, RIM must invest it’s time in 3 key core competencies. Needle (2010) states core competencies as ‘those activities of a firm that make a difference and give the firm a competitive edge’, for the BlackBerry these core competencies lie within its sleek design, functionality and security.

BlackBerry has always been known for its phone’s functionality, especially for those in the business world. Blackberry’s functionality allows it to be easily accessed by anyone with any sort of mobile phone background. With such a simple design and operating system, BlackBerry cannot perform as well as other phones such as that of Apples which has a multitude of applications with numerous capabilities that serve many purposes. Although the BlackBerry lacks in functionality, it is this fact that allows BlackBerry’s simplistic design to outshine others because in the world of business, the phone’s functions are only kept at the minimal needs of calling, texting and e-mailing which the BlackBerry does with ease.

The sleek design of the BlackBerry is what makes it stick out; the rather large keyboard is a key factor in its design which interties to its functionality. Its QWERTY keyboard takes up more than half the phone, allowing easy contact and usage when typing messages and e-mails. Although the keyboard is a strong core competency of the blackberry phone, it is argued by some that having the large keyboard restricts the screen, restraining its ability to perform graphically. However the blackberry is one of the only phones that include the QWERTY keyboard which allows messages to be typed very quickly due to its keyboard like design. Bradley (2011) ‘EMA found that 52 percent of mobile users in large enterprises depend on BlackBerry now’ which is why its keyboard like design is ideal for businesses being able to send and receive things quickly. With Businesses operating in such a dynamic world, more people...
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