Birth Control and Abortion--Hot Topic

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  • Published : October 6, 2012
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Birth control and Abortion
Birth control and Abortion has been a huge dispute around the world for many years. Both are proven to cause harm to individuals throughout the world. There are not enough organizations, groups, or individuals to educate younger or older adults on this matter. There should also be more educational programmers and public debates to promote the consistent and correct employment of condoms and stress the importance thereof for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. If there were more billboards and commercial on this subject may be people would think twice about putting themselves into these situations. Learning the facts about abortion is essential. There are side effects to everything. Abortions alone can hurt a women’s body in many ways; it can make a females mistral cycle off balance. Women have complained that their flow is heavier. Before getting this procedure the abortion clinic makes sure their clients sign a ton of papers to cover themselves from lawsuits. Women are also complaining that reproducing is harder after the procedure, even years later. These signs are harder to detect in the earlier stages. According to Glassbooth" (2011), “Barack Obama strongly supports keeping abortion legal "He thinks that most Americans recognize that this is a profoundly difficult issue for the women and families who make these decisions. They do not make them casually. And he trust women to make these decisions, in conjunction with their doctors and their families and their clergy, and he think that is where most Americans are"(2011). Since 1960, the year in which Enovid1 the first birth control pill, was marketed; contraception has been in continuous development. Dozens of pills and differently shaped intrauterine devices (IUDs) have been launched, fertility awareness methods have been refined and, most recently, new ways of administering combined hormonal contraceptive methods have emerged. The aim of...
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