Biology X Icse

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SECTION I (40 Marks)
Attempt all questions from this Section
Question 1
(a) Name the following:
(i) The respiratory pigment found in erythrocytes.
(ii) The organ that produces urea.
(iii) The part of the chloroplast where the light reaction of photosynthesis takes place.
(iv) The Vehicular Standard for controlling air pollution.
(v) The part of the ovary that produces progesterone. [5]
(b) State whether the following statements are true or false. If false, rewrite the correct form of the statement by changing the first word only: (i) Cones are photoreceptor cells that are sensitive to dim light. (ii) The Beta cells of the pancreas secrete insulin.

(iii) Tubectomy is the surgical method of sterilization in man. (iv) Guttation is the loss of water in the form of water droplets from hydathodes.
(v) Nephrons are the basic unit of the brain. [5]
(c) Give technical terms for the following:
(i) Plasma devoid of fibrinogen.
79 ICSE Specimen Question Paper
(ii) Movement of water molecules across the cell membrane from hypertonic to hypotonic solution.
(iii) The stage where chromosomes lie on the equator of the achromatic spindle.
(iv) Alternative form of a gene on a pair of homologous chromosome. (v) Period of complete intrauterine development of the foetus. [5] (d) Given below are five sets with four terms each. In each set one term is odd. Choose the odd one out of the following terms given and name the category to which the others belong: [5]

(i) Sneezing, coughing,
blinking, typing
(iii) Detergents, sewage, X-rays;
oil spills.
(iv) Stoma, stroma,
lamellae, quantosome.
(v) Basophil, neutrophil,
Eosinophil, lymphocyte.
(e) Given below is an apparatus used to study a particular process in plants. Study the same and answer the questions that follow:
80 ICSE Specimen Question Paper
(i) Name the apparatus.
(ii) Mention one limitation of this apparatus.
(iii) Which phenomenon is studied with...
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