Biodiversity Paper

Topics: Leporidae, Elephant, Hare Pages: 4 (765 words) Published: June 19, 2010
Assignment: Scientific 1.

Assignment: Scientific Taxonomy and Earth’s Biodiversity Paper Evonne Lakhvir
University of Phoenix at Axia

Assignment: Scientific page 2;

Elephants – Order: Proboscidea

Rabbits and hares – Lagomorpha
Three characteristics that mammals have middle ear bones (hammer, anvil, and stirrup) to assist with hearing. All mammals have hair at some point in their development which functions as insulation, coloring, and aiding in the sense of touch. All female mammals produce milk to nourish their offspring. Elephants require huge amounts of food over 400kg per day. Elephants are capable of pushing down large trees in order to get their foliage and bark. They live long lives (60 to 70 years old). They have an excellent scent of smell, but have poor hearing and sight. In some parts of the world elephants are use as a beast of burden. [pic]

Above is a picture of African elephants
Below is a picture of the Asian elephant (Elephans Maximus) notice there are no tusks Assignment: Scientific page 3.. [pic]

Rabbits are of the lagomorphs order “All lagomorphs are terrestrial. They occupy a wide diversity of habitats, ranging from tropical forest to arctic tundra. All are herbivores that feed on grasses and other small plants. Lagomorphs have the ability to produce two types of fecal

Assignment: Scientific page 4.

Material, one that is wet and eaten again for further nutrient absorption, and one that is dry and discarded’ taken from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology website (February 2010). They are small to medium sized animals. They are able to live variety of different terrains. All lagomorphs are herbivores that feed off grass and other small plants. They have the ability to produce two types of fecal material, one that is wet and eaten again for further nutrients and the other is dry to be discarded. Below is a picture of the Snowshoe hare

Below is a picture of the Sylvilagus...
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