Informative Speech Outline About Sloths

Topics: Mammal, Sloth, Three-toed sloth Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Alicia Pennington
6 March 2013
All about Sloths
Have any of you ever seen or heard of something about a Sloth? (Attention Getter) Well, actually a lot of people don’t know anything let alone one thing about a Sloth. (Audience Adaptation) Whenever I say to someone that my favorite animal is a Sloth, they rarely know what they look like or anything about them. (Credibility) Today, I will be informing you of all the things you could know about Sloths. (Thesis) I will tell you about where they live, what they eat, the different species, what they look like, how they reproduce, and their conservation status. (Preview) 1. Now to get started, the first thing you need to know about sloths is where they live. a) Sloths usually live in the jungles of Central and South America. b) They cannot survive outside of their specific habitat. c) Sloths like to live around tall trees in tropical rainforests. 2. Secondly, I will inform you about what Sloths eat.

a) Although sloths have an omnivorous diet, the majority of its diet consists of leaves. b) Their favorite food is leaves, because they are easy to get because they spend so much time in trees. c) The sloth happily eats both plants and insects, and occasionally small reptiles and birds.

3. Thirdly, there isn’t just one main species of sloths, there are two. a) First, a two-toed sloth is 21 to 29 inches long and weighs about 9 to 17 pounds when fully mature. b) Second, is the three-toed sloth which is about 18-23 inches long, and weighs from 8 to10 pounds when fully mature. 4. The next thing to know is, what they look like so that you will be able to identify one when you see it. a) Sloths are usually brown, tan, white, and grey.

b) They have a flattened face and usually have black around their mouths, which makes it look like they are smiling. c) They also have long, sharp claws that they use to cling and hang from trees, which is useful because of their...
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