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Salmonella (eubacteria)
Life Cycle(s) and Reproduction
* L
-in order for salmonella to reproduce or survive, it must have a host -only certain strains of salmonella bacteria can life for a semi-long period outside a host body -once salmonella has entered the body (through contaminated foods or coming in contact with infected feces) the bacteria will begin to grow R

-salmonella reproduces asexually through binary fission
Binary fission- subdivision of a cell , single stranded DNA replicates then attaches to opposite ends of the cell and then the cell pulls part -Through reproduction, two identical cells are formed from the original bacteria -Reproduction occurs at a rapid rate producing 20-40 minutes in prime conditions -new cells then go through the lytic cycle to continue reproducing R

-when salmonella is located in a cool place it reduces growth significantly but does not get rid of it (ex. Storing chicken infected with salmonella will stop the growth of bacteria but the chicken will still be infected) R

-salmonella spreads quickly through infected animals
-infected chicken can pass salmonella to their eggs
-touching anything infected with salmonella can get you infected

-infection begins with ingestion or contact with bacteria.
-salmonella travels through stomach and attaches to the lining

Salmonella can be found it variety of habitats
Common locations: water, soil, food, plants, feces
Present in chicken produce, unpasteurized milk, ground meat, fish Can be easily contacted through cross contamination from pre infected organisms or poop Salmonella in water can live for weeks
Soil can live for years
Feces days
Salmonella can survive in cool places but hot places may kill bacteria (thats why cooking food can prevent poisoning)
Commonly found in meat, eggs
In humans and animals it is found in the intestinal tract...
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