Exotic Animals in Entertainment: the Pros and Cons

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Exotic Animals in Entertainment: The Pros and Cons

The entertainment industry is a controversial subject, especially pertaining to the use of exotic animals for human enjoyment. The purpose of this research paper is to explore the history of exotic animals in entertainment and how the industry is viewed by the general public in the twenty-first century. The explanation of the history, legal aspects, organizations involved, public image, and the controversy of the industry will be covered as the primary goal of the research. The truth behind the entertainment industry will be revealed by examining historical archives such as the Circus Maximus in Rome, studying mass media records, and laws. The research highlights the controversy pertaining to the use of exotic animals in the entertainment industry by discussing the solutions available and also the negative and positive aspects of both parties. No flawless answer existed upon the completion of the analysis determining if humans can use exotic animals in the entertainment industry. Keywords: exotic animals, entertainment, movies, television, animal performances, zoos, history of animals in entertainment

Exotic Animals in Entertainment:
Pros and Cons
The entertainment industry is a large and diverse industry ranging from Hollywood celebrities to stand-up comedians. Hollywood celebrities may have the spotlight in the entertainment industry but exotic animals also share the spotlight. Exotic animals perform and are exhibited in the entertainment industry for human leisure in zoos, television, movies, and live performances. People began to fear others would mishandle and would not provide the proper care for the exotic animals in the entertainment industry causing conflict. The conflict would interfere with the livelihood of workers in the entertainment industry because the organizations wanted to ban the use of exotic animals. Questions about the use of exotic animals for entertainment purposes have risen because of conflicts such as: 1. What are the positive effects of exotic animals in the entertainment industry? 2. What are the negative outcomes of exotic animals in the entertainment industry? 3. How can we improve the conditions of exotic animals in the industry? 4. How do we decide the standards for the care of exotic animals in the industry? The perfect answer does not exist; however, understanding the history and truths of the industry will help to find a better solution. History of Animals in Entertainment

Exotic animals for entertainment purposes date back to 2000 BC in the ancient civilization of Macedonia (Library Index, 2012a). The archaeological digs shed evidence the ancient civilization kept lions in cages, an early form of modern day zoos (2012a). Royalty of other ancient civilizations were fascinated by exotic animals such as the princes in Arabia and kings, queens or emperors of China, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Greece, and Rome. The ancient civilizations’ rulers would often collect exotic animals such tigers, lions, bears, giraffes, elephants, and alligators. Historians believe the collections of exotic animals were symbols of power and wealth (2012a). The Greeks were the first to have large collections of exotic animals (2012a). The majority of the collections were for educational purposes although bloody battles pitting humans or animals against other animals were documented (2012a). Ancient Greece’s counterpart was ancient Rome, the civilization was better known for the bloody fights between living creatures (2012a). Rulers of ancient Rome used exotic animals in coliseums for entertainment for themselves and their people and an example would be the Circus Maximus (Circus, 2011). Entertainment events at the Circus Maximus included chariot races and battles between gladiators and exotic animals (Circus, 2011). The events were dangerous but were promoted to citizens as fun and entertaining even though death and severe...
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