Best Friend

Topics: Childhood, The Child Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Parents are to permissive with their children nowadays.

More often parents are said to be much more permissive than they were in the past. Surely it is true for long ago children weren’t allowed to speak with their parents like with their peers. Kids had a huge respect for elders. Parents were more their masters than friends. There were an enormous distance between young and adults what we can see in many old films and books. Gradually this attitude between them has undergone changes since than. But can we confirm that parents become too permissive? I believe that this is true in some cases, but not always.

On one hand, I suppose that children talk with their parents about every subject. Nowadays there don’t exist taboo subjects in family conversation. Thanks to this, children usually can tell their parents everything, if their elders are tolerate enough. But does it mean that they are to permissive, I don’t think so. In my opinion, grown-up should let their child make their choice and if they bring up the child good enough, he doesn’t abuse his freedom which is given to him by parents. It should be emphasized that every child want to be independent and if we don’t trusted him and can’t assure some freedom for him, he is likely to take it by himself without our consent. I believe that the problem is not in permissiveness, but in negligence and laxity. If we show our child love and if we care for him without spoiling, there is no denying that he will be likely to grow up for respectable citizen. There is no use hitting kids for their bad behaviour, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t punish them, but the punishments shouldn’t evoke child’ fear. Adults should provide their child with security and warmth. I’m convinced that child who feels safety and love at home, is the happiest child in the world and he wouldn’t do anything against his parents if somebody want to lead him astray. It isn’t true that parents have to give up own happiness, loving family is always...
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