Benefits of Effective Training

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Young people seeking training and education leads to surprising drop in unemployment figures (Martin Kornacki, 20 Jan 2010, Training journal, A surprising fall in UK unemployment figures has been attributed to increasing numbers of young people turning to training and education to avoid the dole. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says the latest figure of 2.46m jobless for the three months to November, which is down 7,000 on the figure for the previous three months, is due to swelling numbers of what are considered economically inactive students.

This is just one of the millions of examples that we can find to illustrate the benefits earned due to effective training


Even high potential employees cannot do their job until they know what to do and how to do therefore the very next step after recruiting and employee is to train him and ensure that he knows his duty towards his company, this is why the purpose of orientation, training and development is so vital. Training and employee development form the essential of any organization be it a small or a big cap firm, no company will be able to function smooth unless they get their basics right and training & development is that base. History tells us the very fact as to how one should be particular about these key factors which has a huge impact on the growth of the business. Every established company therefore puts a lot of emphasis on their training module as they are aware of its long-term repercussion on the nature of their business. According to a recent survey, every company spends about $826 per employee for training in one year and offers about 28 hours of training. To further demonstrate the importance of training as also understood by the government ,a law has been enforced where in –Inadequate training can also expose the employer to liability for negligent training hence when an employer fails to train adequately and an employee subsequently does harm to third parties , the court will find the employer liable.

Training Explained: Training and development signifies the continuous effort that an organization puts in to improve and enhance the performance of an individual and thereby of the company through varied methods, practices and procedures. In today’s modern world business these efforts have shaped in to broader applications ranging from discussing highly specific job skills to an overall personal and professional development. In recent years, training and development has become a formal business function, an integral element of strategy. Some of the common methods adopted for training by various companies include •orientation, lectures,

case studies,
role playing simulations,
computer based training,
team-building exercises
And more importantly On-job training (OJT).

Training is also a process which includes designing a proper business strategy to work towards the affected areas of the business and then looking after its implementation and development. One such case is illustrated in this writing. Many employees lack confidence in using technology in the workplace because they have not been given enough exposure to it in their education and training, research has suggested. Almost half (49 per cent) of people think there should have been more use of technology in their education or training to prepare them for the workplace, according to a survey of more than 1,800 workers by skills body Lifelong Learning UK.( James Brockett, People ,online magazine for CIPD) This recent findings reveal the importance of technology to boost the training


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HCL technologies limited-BPO Services (or “HCL BPO”) is a division of HCL Technologies Limited, a Global Technology and IT enterprise. HCL Enterprise is a 34-year-old...
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