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1. How has Ben & Jerry’s fulfilled its mission statement? What evidence can you provide regarding Ben & Jerry’s performance on each of the three dimensions of the mission statement? Ben & Jerry were able to fulfill their mission statement with the finest quality all-natural ice cream, profitable business and by improving the community. Ben & Jerry stated, they would make and distribute the finest quality all natural ice cream with a wide variety of innovative flavors, which they fulfilled. They created interesting names such as Chubby Hubby, Chunky Monkey and Phish Food with flavors to match. With the great flavors and names produced a profitable business, which was one of the points in their mission statement.

When Ben & Jerry decided to start issuing shares exclusively to the Vermont residents, it was both a financial decision as well as a social decision. It allowed the Vermont residents to become successful on the profits of a business right in their own back yard. The shares were sold at a reasonable price to allow for the purchase. In order to offer greater liquidity and capital, the traditional way of selling shares took place as well as being listed on the NASDAQ. 

Ben & Jerry were also innovative on how they reduced expenses as well as benefit a local business. When they moved to their new plant in Waterbury CT, there was a limit to the amount of liquid waste, therefore incur more expenses. They made a deal with a local pig farmer to feed his pigs the milky water, which the pigs enjoyed as well as loan the local farmer money to purchase 200 more pigs. This decision was beneficial to the farmer as well as Ben & Jerry, which connects their social and financial aspects of their mission statement. 

Ben & Jerry strived to be social conscious in decisions they made, as stated in their mission statement. They were generous with the corporate resources and 7.5% of their pre-...
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