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Topics: Fair trade, Ice cream, Business ethics Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Ben & Jerry’s : Marketing case.

Helping marginalised people, promoting sustainable agriculture, economising resources, and using organic products… Ben & Jerry’s, the American ice-cream maker, has, since its foundation in 1978, included many ethical values in its business practices. Part of the important Unilever group, Ben & Jerry’s is now a widely extended company all around the world in constant search of new innovation such as moving into Fair Trade. Indeed in 2005 Ben & Jerry’s was the first ice cream company to use fair trade certified & trade which means providing a minimum income to the producers themselves. Beneath the brilliant idea and the many values that the company already promotes what are the weaknesses and threats to the brand and to Fair Trade?


Strengths - The safety of being part of the UNILEVER group and Congesal Miko is the leader on the French market for ice cream- The company has understood the importance of combining human energy and money, a key to the actual and future economy- One of the first companies which uses ethical business practices (sustainable development, helping social causes, launch of a foundation..)- Sales gone up by 60% from 2005 to 2006- Sales through well-know chain (more than Haagen Dazs its main competitor)- Good quality ice creams, organic ingredients- Original product and names (ex/Chocolate Therapy)- High top of mind brand in France (95% of people recognise the brand)- The idea of promoting Fair trade which is a more and more important concept in people’s mind| Weaknesses- Distribution: only 10%of the product sold in mass retail and supermarkets and hypermarkets are where ice creams are mainly bought (66,1 % of the market share of ice cream consumption in 2006) - Franchise networks are less important than main competitor Haagen Dazs- Prices of the products are quite hisgh - Target highly specific, only 7% of the population buys Ben & Jerry’s ice cream|...
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