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  • Published : April 30, 2011
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Benjamin Carson: Source of Inspiration
A good man is a source of inspiration and pride for the world. Dr. Benjamin Carson, who came from a low income African American family and was the son of divorced parents, was able to develop his skills to become a neurosurgeon. He had to overcome the insults of his friends who made him believe he was a stupid child. Due to the separation of his parents and the fact that his mother had several jobs to support him and his brother, he never showed any interest in school and reading. However, there was no obstacle that he could not overcome to be a successful and devoted neurosurgeon. Dr. Benjamin Carson was a successful person who fought against adversities. He was considered the most stupid and was the worst in his class besides having a bad temper. First, Benjamin Carson found out that reading gave him the capacity to success. He learned to spell and answer questions referring to the class, which caused him to be the best student in grade school. Second, Ben fought and reached his goals even though he was surrounded by bad influences that almost caused him to be a failure. In high school, he learned to control his temper when he almost stabbed a friend. He moved away from bad companions, avoided drugs and alcohol. Later, he gained a scholarship to attend Yale University and continued on to medical school where he studied neurosurgery. Also, he graduated and became a successful neurosurgeon. Dr. Benjamin Carson was the first doctor to operate on a hydrocephalic fetus within the uterus of his mother. Most important, he participated in the separation of the Siamese twins, Benjamin and Patrick Binder, joined at the head. They managed to survive and Dr. Carson with this event made history. With his performance he became the director of neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Dr. Benjamin Carson has been devoted in giving his life to his profession. His devotion to his career made him break...
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