Benjamin Franklin vs. Frederick Douglass

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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January 11, 2012.

Benjamin Franklin Vs. Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass and Benjamin Franklin were both very successful in achieving their goals. Both writers emerged from rags-to-riches and expresses that in their stories. These two writers have similar chronology of events inn their life narratives. Benjamin Franklin was known as an important figure in his time. With his effort of self-improvement, he studied and taught himself to be morally “perfect”. In time, Franklin was known as one as one of the most respected scientists. Frederick Douglass, born into slavery, lived a harder life than Franklin. He was a small child when he began to realize he was enslaved. Being born into a life like that, he never even knew his real birth date. [“Since birth records were not kept for children, Douglass was never sure of his exact age.”] His harsh life gave him ambition to face his challenges. Through facing these hardships he became strong enough to stand up for what he believed in; which meant facing his own master. Later, Douglass escaped when he was about 21; satisfying his hunger for freedom. That’s where he earned his respect and began his way to a better life. Both personal narratives did represent rags-to-riches scenarios. Franklin and Douglass both wanted some sort of freedom. Franklin wanted freedom for America, and Douglass wanted freedom for slaves. Franklin was against slavery also, but he wasn’t an actual abolitionist like Douglass. In their writing styles, Ben Franklin edited his stories to where protected he and others for the sake of their reputations. Douglas, on the other hand, used a much more dramatic and personal style; without the editing like Franklin. Although both writers were from different times, their views were similar. Both pieces of writing were composed of life events and encounters with hardships. In the end, they ultimately gained success.


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