Somthing That God Made

Topics: Johns Hopkins University, Vivien Thomas, Alfred Blalock Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Cassandra Smith
Ms. Gimm
MAI 299
February 19, 2013

Something that God Made This story is true story about two innovators Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas. Dr. Alfred Blalock who is chief surgical professors at Johns Hopkins University was the number one school of surgeons where he is pioneering new techniques in heart surgery. Vivien is black man with little education but has a high school diploma. His hopes were to go to and college and strive for his passion for medicine. In his younger day Vivian was a carpenter and because of job shortage was laid off. Shortly after, he is introduced to work for a doctor Blalock’s laboratory in a hospital. His job is cleaning dog pens twice a day and sweeping the lab every morning, just simply task for a black man. On his way home he and his girlfriend were talking about how happy they were about him getting a new job. The racial discrimination presents was well known because the colored had to sit on the back of the bus. On the first day at work, when Vivien is cleaning the lab, his attention gose straight to the books on the bookshelf. He picks up some books, and sits down and began to read them . Unexpected, Dr. Blalock comes in the lad and sees Vivien is reading books. He asks Vivien his last job, his education, and his ambition; he seems like that he disregards everything Vivien said.

The relationship that these gentlemen had tension. Blalock, as a Southern white man and a doctor, didn’t have mutual respect for blacks at this time, though he appreciated Thomas’s skills it lasts for decades. The families moved to Baltimore, where Blalock becomes Head of Surgery at Johns Hopkins. And, much to his colleague’s surprise. Thomas performed groundbreaking surgery on the blue...
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