The Final Diagnosis

Topics: Pathology, Blood, Blood type Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Final Diagnosis , as it might seem, is a novel which is a medical thriller. But it is not completely medical or so to say a novel filled with Operation Rooms, Emergency Rooms or tense doctors. Rather Arthur chooses to talk about Pathologists. Pathologists are the doctors that do all the ?behind the screen? work. They are the ones who do the lab tests, biopsies and autopsies and they are the one who detect the cause of the diseases. Arthur Hailey says that Pathologists are often the people who give the final diagnosis and he is correct. Let?s see what the story is all about.

When I started reading the novel there was a comment on the back cover by some newspaper, that The Final Diagnosis is a novel which is the story of a young pathologist who tries to change the standards of a hospital where everything is old and outdated. But when I was through I found out completely false. I was never able to find out the young pathologist struggling for changes and sure I was frustrated, not at Hailey but at the person who wrote such absurd comment.  The Final Diagnosis is a fine novel which is centered on an old hospital named Three Counties. The hospital is an old one, there is lack of funds and staunch need of them also. Money is tight and hospital is not very renowned so there is a trouble in finding able doctors for the hospital but this is some thing that management of hospital has done fine. The Pathology department of the hospital is in desperate need of money because all the facilities in the department are outdated and old. Even the lab procedures are old and need overhauling. The department head is Dr. Joe Pearson who is a person with 35 years of experience. But he is disapproving of any changes in the department. He says he believes in the old and tested ways and that there are too many changes going these days that if you keep changing every time when will you work!! Now the story tells about the hospital politics and goes in the past of certain other...
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