Ben Carson Essay

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Ben Carson today is a neurosurgeon that once was just a young black kid from the ghetto with no knowledge of anything the world. Today he is one of the most inspiring person in the world, he was the first neurosurgeon to separate conjoined twins from the head, without bleeding to death. He had no dad, and a mom with psychiatric problems. He faced a hard teenage and childhood, in his life he faced problems from racism, anger management, and poverty. This book shows us how having faith with no fear of the unknown, this book

could lead anyone to have a successful spiritual life and career. His faith led him to go through all the struggles and come out successful. Ben Carson had different experiences throughout his childhood, and having faith led him to go through struggles. When he was just a boy, his father left him, his brother, and mother, because of another family he had. As a child Ben tried to figure out why his father had left them for another family, Ben used church as a way to escape his problems. He began to really have faith, when he heard the preacher talk about a missionary doctor; from then on, his faith set him on a path to become a doctor.

There also came a time where his faith was put to the test. At 14 years old he struggled with a bad temper. All the hate he felt from his dad leaving him was in his heart, and he had never let it go. One day at school, he sat listening to classical music when one of his friends made fun of him and was going to change the music. Carson, with all the hate he had, he pulled out a pocket knife he had bought and aimed for his stomach, he hit his friend’s belt buckle. He ran home and thought to himself he was crazy. He got home and locked himself in the bathroom and prayed to God to take his temper away and he prayed and sang, “Jesus is All the World to Me.” From then on his faith only became stronger, and whenever he felt anything negative,...
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